Vote for Mario Fonda-Bonardi on November 3, 2020

Santa Monica City Council Candidate for a Safe and Sustainable City.

Our City needs an INDEPENDENT Council member
who always advocates for tenants and owners first and foremost.

I will improve our quality of life by:

How long has Mario been super


  • 5 years Santa Monica Planning Commissioner
  • 7 years founder/writer Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow
  • 10 years Santa Monica Conservancy board member
  • 17 years coaching American Youth Soccer Organization
  • 40 year architecture practice in Santa Monica
  • 40+ years residing in Santa Monica both as tenant and owner

"I know how to get things done in our City."

Time’s up!

A new council unencumbered by special interests, will make a better, more inclusive Santa Monica.


Thank you

As SUPER as Mario is, he needs to be part of a like-minded majority on the City Council, so vote for his extended Slate family.