Vote for Mario Fonda-Bonardi on November 3, 2020

Santa Monica City Council Candidate for a Safe and Sustainable City.

Our City needs an INDEPENDENT Council member
who always advocates for tenants and owners first and foremost.

I will improve our quality of life by:

How long has Mario been super


  • 5 years Santa Monica Planning Commissioner
  • 7 years founder/writer Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow
  • 10 years Santa Monica Conservancy board member
  • 17 years coaching American Youth Soccer Organization
  • 40 year architecture practice in Santa Monica
  • 40+ years residing in Santa Monica both as tenant and owner

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Hi Valued Voter:

As you may know I’ve been writing articles for SMart (Santa Monica Architects for a Responsible Tomorrow) along with Phil Brock for the last seven years. They have appeared in the SM Daily Press and the SM Mirror. At our last meeting, there was a request to have links to those article so you can see for yourself the kinds of issues our City faces and my responses to them. Needless to say, as the SM has evolved over the last 7 years, the articles follow that evolution — so the earlier articles will sound dated, because they were relevant and accurate at that time but may no longer be today. 
Nonetheless some problems have remained constant (even though the annual numbers may have migrated): homelessness, lack of affordable housing, traffic, pollution, overdevelopment etc. and are still all relevant to our voters today. 
As always, keep calling messaging and contacting more and more contacts. Keep sending voters to Mario4council.comand as always, I appreciate everything you are doing for the campaign!
Mario has been involved in many preservation efforts, including the 11th Street Bungalow Historic district where a typical building is shown above.

"I know how to get things done in our City."

Time’s up!

A new council unencumbered by special interests, will make a better, more inclusive Santa Monica.


Thank you

As SUPER as Mario is, he needs to be part of a like-minded majority on the City Council, so vote for his extended Slate family.